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Weight Lifting 101

by: Kevin Valluzzi

Finishing Up

The possibilities are endless. The nice thing is that there is no "wrong" way. Which brings up a good point. There is no wrong routine, but your form and/or technique can be wrong. Always remember to use a slow, controlled motion. Don't use momentum or "jerk" the weights around. It should take you approximately 2 to 3 seconds to lift or push the weight (which is called the positive) and 3 to 4 seconds to lower or let down the weight (which is called the negative). That's right, it should take you a little longer to lower the weight than it takes to raise it. Most people do the opposite and that's why you see a lot of people using momentum and jerking the weights around. You're not using your muscles when you do it like this.

And that's really it! As you can see, it's not all that difficult. What it does take is a COMMITTMENT. If you can make a COMMITMENT and be consistent with your strength training program, I GUARANTEE you that you will be successful and notice considerable changes in they way you look and feel. With that said, just take a moment now and look over the main areas of a successful strength-training program:

  • the optimal strength training routine should be performed 2 to 3 days/wk.
  • you should do 2 to 3 sets for each exercise.
  • use a weight that will fatigue or challenge you to do between 8 and 12 reps.
  • change your routine approximately every 6 to 8 weeks to prevent plateaus.
  • always use proper form; slow, controlled movements. No jerking the weight or using momentum.
  • and most important, make sure to visit your doctor and get a physical so you know you have no medical conditions that would prevent you from participating in a strength training routine.

  • There you have it, a nice little introduction to the world of strength training. Something that I hope will help you get started. So give strength training a try, you have nothing to lose (except for maybe a few pounds of fat!!!).

    Kevin is the owner/operator of A & B Fitness, which is an in-home personal training company located in Northern New Jersey. He has a degree in Exercise Physiology and is certified by the American College of Sports Medicine as a Health/Fitness Instructor. Kevin is also am Advanced Level Personal trainer by IDEA.

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