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Strength/Weight training is a very popular method of exercise. Every year thousands of people, including impressionable teenage boys, pick up some muscle mags, dumbells and dream about getting big. As I mentioned in another part of the web site, when looking at the very first IronMan magazine I purchased, I couldn't help but notice their profile of Dorian Yates. A type of article that could easily be an inspiration for budding enthusiasts or one that could lead you down a road of over-training and failed experiments.

Having followed a lot of advice from muscle magazines and books, I have come to the conclusion that similar to nutrition, it often comes down to keeping it simple. I have since gone with a routine that focuses on big movements. I wish I had paid attention to the simple two page article in my one and only IronMag, advising that heavy bench presses and weighted dips were key to a bigger chest. The thing I figured out not too long after my experimenting days was the importance of squats. If you are serious about adding muscle mass, you must learn to and do squats.

Here is an overview of my last weight training routine:

Day 1 - Legs and Back
Weighted Pull-ups

Day 2 - Rest/Cardio

Day 3 - Shoulders
Military Press
Dumbell Press

Day 4 - Rest/Cardio

Day 5 - Chest and Arms
Bench Press
Weighted Dips
Barbell Curls

Day 6 - Rest
Day 7 - Rest

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