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Nutritional Supplements

Flipping through my very first muscle mag (IronMan, 01/95) I can't help but reminisce about the feeling I probably got reading the hundreds of advertisements for nutritional supplements. Some things don't change as even today novice body builders and athletes are being bombarded with a lot of hype. The usual quick fixes, "steroid alternatives", scintillating "before and after" photos, and buffed body builders selling supplements.

A question commonly asked is, Do you need nutritional supplements? The quick answer is no, but they can be a huge help! Supplements can be useful but they simply cannot replace food - they are after all meant to supplement your diet, exercise and overall lifestyle. That is a key because way too many people fall for the mistake of replacing real food, hard work in the gym and overall dedication with supplements, burning a hole in their pockets and possibly putting their health at risk. I prefer taking a good whey protein powder, a casein protein powder, the occasional meal replacement bar or shake for their convenience and concentrated nutritional value, an anti-oxidant cocktail, creatine for its ergogenic properties and a daily multi-vitamin/mineral/essential fatty acid supplements for overall health benefits.

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