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The key first step on the path to physical fitness is seeking information, followed by the decision to pursue a healthy lifestyle centered around physical fitness. This website is designed to share some of the knowledge that I have gained over the years from working out and trying to live a healthy lifestyle. This knowledge is key in allowing you to make smart decisions and to give you ideas on how to achieve your fitness goals. The decision to fully carry out a physical fitness program cannot be taken lightly. It requires a lifelong commitment of time and effort. As with any exercise or nutritional regimen, please check with a medical doctor and a certified nutritionist before you begin.

Exercise must become an integral part of your life, something that you do without a second thought, like brushing your teeth. Unless you are convinced of the benefits of fitness and the risks of ignoring it, you will not succeed. You must also realize that you can't try to do too much too soon and must not quit before you have a chance to experience the rewards of improved fitness. Patience and hard work are key since you can't regain in a few days or weeks what you may have lost in years of sedentary living, but you can get it back if you persevere. The end result is worth the price.

The second, equally important aspect to fitness and good health is nutrition. As the saying goes, "you are what you eat". But the area of nutrition can often seem complex, with many differing views on what constitutes good nutrition. Stroll through the fitness/health section of you local bookstore and you will be bombarded with hundreds of views on what constitutes as good nutrition. The same goes for magazines, newspapers and television. It took me years of tyring out these numerous fads and quick, guaranteed results to figure out that what you need with respect to nutrition is common sense.

Most diets are simply trying to get you into a nice balanced nutritional regimen where you avoid processed foods, do no over eat and spread out your meals out throughout the day. There are of course exceptions like the Atkins, Zone, South Beach and Scarsdale diets. I have also found that professional, amateur, and weekend athletes are usually very food conscious. They usually take the time and effort in making sure they learn about the food they are consuming and knowing what it does for or against their bodies.

The Fitness Guru Blog is now live to provide more up to date articles and resources related to fitness and nutrition. Please check out this fitness blog and participate with your own views and opinions on these interesting topics.

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